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Concert of Jewish and Ukrainian music “Taassünd-Відродження” (Renewal)

The current situation in Europe, when civilians are dying in a country whose history is inextricably linked with the Jewish people, it will be quite natural to link the ideas of revival with current events in Europe. Our cultures - Ukrainian and Jewish - are so closely intertwined that the mutual influence is felt in many of its aspects. After the Holocaust and the strangulation of Jewish culture by the Soviet regime, the Jewish community of Estonia managed to restore its activities in Estonia and successfully develop it. We believe that the people of Ukraine will defend and restore their country. To emphasize our belief in this, we decided to hold a concert on Sunday, September 4 in the Community courtyard, which will be called "Taassünd - Відродження" (Renewal). The concert will feature Jewish and Ukrainian songs both in Yiddish and Ukrainian, including Ukrainian songs by Jewish authors, Ukrainian songs that have become traditional Hasidic tunes (niguns). The participants of the concert are Timur Fishel (Estonia), a native of Kyiv, Shlomo Voskoboynik (Israel), a native of the Donetsk region, Ruslan Trochinsky (Estonia) and his daughter Rute. The concert is free. Beginning at 15:00 in the courtyard of the Community on Karu 16. By the security reasons please, register https://forms.gle/2j3Cchog4fygNfReA The event will be transmitted through the Facebook of the Jewish community of Estonia" https://www.facebook.com/jewish.ee

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04 September 2022


03:00 PM – 04:30 PM


Karu 16


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