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Since 2004 our itinerary has been growing more and more, allowing different but connected stories to be presented. Our project stems from a common dream: to create a network of people and institutions who want to let the European Jewish heritage and culture be narrated.

Every year we give new dreams and projects a chance to take shape. If you see yourself in our philosophy, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What we offer


AEPJ is committed to provide guidance to help establish the proposed Route. Likewise, access to experts who can give advice on content and best practices.

Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Quality Label

The programs that acquire the validation of their programs by the scientific board, in addition to acquire the label of the Council of Europe and its program of Cultural Routes, will be incorporated into the website of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage of the AEPJ, from where the AEPJ will work in the promotion of the different programs, and through the AEPJ will acquire the label of the Council of Europe.


The Route will be promoted by AEPJ through being featured as AEPJ approved in all AEPJ-materials, including its website. AEPJ will represent, and promote, the European Routes of Jewish Heritage within the Council of Europe and more generally within the international arena.

What we ask

Applicants must understand and support the rationale behind the European Routes of Jewish Heritage, must have a credible background and a credible plan for the Route. Also, they must ensure the information on the Route is up to date, especially in relation to online media.

Our mission

The European Routes of Jewish Heritage aims at creating and fostering, within the continent, a link between the sites that have a connection with the Jewish historical and cultural heritage and the people that are nowadays involved in the preservation and promotion of this unique heritage.

Under the AEPJ umbrella, we aim to welcome, promote, train and help develop unique and excellent Jewish cultural routes and programs around Europe. Thanks to the creation of a community and network among the managers of these Jewish cultural programs, we work hand in hand, to help develop their programs, offering training in the field of Jewish cultural tourism and we share good practices to promote the development of transnational programs.

Through the collection of places, sites, experiences and communities, we aim to create a true “open-air museum”, enabling and encouraging a direct connection with Jewish heritage whilst travelling in Europe.

Welcome to the AEPJ incubator project

The Routes Incubator Project is an annual program, developed by the AEPJ together with its Scientific Committee, which offers in a dynamic and transversal way, training and ongoing assistance to the teams that develop Jewish Heritage Routes in Europe, through workshops, conferences and individual mentoring sessions. A meeting point for learning, reflection and exploration of transnational collaborations. Year after year we do our best to provide a successful Incubator programme, tailored precisely to the needs of our members. 


Join us at the meeting point of Routes Managers of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage certified by the Council of Europe.


Contact us, either to participate in the sessions or to know more about the European Routes of Jewish Heritage project certified by the Council of Europe

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