European Routes of Jewish Heritage

Discover the fascinating Jewish heritage on a cultural route through countries, traditions and people

We think of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage as the right choice for those who want the ultimate heritage experience – and so does our project! Each Route tells a unique story, with its own defining characteristics, as distinctive as the proposal they create. 

Our network consists of public bodies, medium-sized institutions, local Jewish communities, experts and volunteers that all aim to share their precious heritage with everyone that is interested in discovering a heritage that is part of European and non-European history. 

We are excited to share our knowledge and insight. From art to buildings, traditions to practices and culture, we cannot wait for you to uncover all that represent the best of European Jewish culture.

The routes part of the network is the realisation of a dream: a community of people giving you the possibility to discover places that tell one of the less told stories of the European heritage.

Discover regional Jewish Heritage Routes

Regional routes allow you to discover hidden and specific aspects of Jewish life, as you visit smaller and less known Jewish Heritage sites. You will be able to experience Jewish life in a more personal manner, by discovering the details and uniqueness of each region.

Immerse yourself in our national Jewish Heritage Routes

Our National Routes link people with sites, landscapes, stories and memories that have left their mark on European history and continue to influence Jewish life.

Explore thematic Jewish Heritage Routes

As part of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage, we also offer themed routes across different countries that focus on specific subjects related to Jewish History and Culture. These routes allow you to experience different elements of Jewish life (gastronomy, rituals, values or art) and experience tangible and intangible components of Jewish Heritage in past, present and future communities.

Browse our routes

For more information on relevant tour operators, guides, restaurants, and hotels visit European Jewish Travel website.

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