EDJC 2023 > A Bisale Mazl – A piece of happiness – Egy kis mázli

A Bisale Mazl – A piece of happiness – Egy kis mázli

With the day of Jewish culture / Jiddis Kulturális Fesztivál, which the organizers named A Bisale Mazl or A piece of happiness / Egy kis mázli, in Šalovci and Domanjševci they will revive the memory of Jewish families who once lived in the area of today's Šalovci Municipality. The one-day event will start at 12:00 in front of the municipal building at the address Šalovci 161, at the place where special commemorative cobblestones (also stumbling blocks or originally Stolpersteine) were laid in 2022 in memory of Šalovci Jewish photographer Juli Gyula Schönauer and his family. In 1944, the Schönauers were taken to Auschwitz together with the majority of Prekmurje Jews, from where they never returned. At the opening

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Date Start Date: 2023-09-02

12:00 - 13:00

Type of event



Šalovci, by the Stumbling Stones,
Šalovci, Slovenia




Madžarska samoupravna narodna skupnost Občine Šalovci

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