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Cultural Day in the Oslo Jewish Museum

The European Days of Jewish Culture 2023 starts on Sunday the 3rd of September. At the Oslo Jewish Museum, we kick off the cultural days with a full program in the museum. Welcome!

There will be an opportunity to participate in parts, or the whole program during the culture day. The first program post, the performance at 12:00 is intended for families with children. The rest of the day has adults as the main target group.

12.00 to approx. 12.30 – Children’s show: “Dos Veterbuk”
(suitable for small children, approx. 3 years and up)

Welcome to a magical forest, among puzzle boxes, candy roses and angel hair. There, in the middle of the meadow stands the wise old dictionary, Dos Verterbuk, whose crown consists of letters and words – in Yiddish.

Join a musical and linguistic adventure where the children help to save Dos Verterbuk! A lively and colorful mini-musical. The songs are performed in Swedish and Yiddish.

On the stage
Louisa Lyne
Johnny Åman
Anders Thorén
Jack Elz

The children’s performance lasts approx. 30 minutes.

13.00 – Lecture: “Judaism in a Nutshell”

In the lecture, Berit Reisel talks about some central and fundamental characteristics of Judaism and the Jewish dialectical tradition. She explains the significance of historical events for Judaism’s diversity and complexity, and talks about Judaism and Jewishness when belonging is independent of faith, and identification is decoupled from religious conviction and practice.

Berit Reisel’s lecture lasts approx. 45 minutes. There will be an opportunity to ask questions after the lecture.

Around 14.00 – Chicken soup for everyone

Around 14:30 – Film screening and conversation
Film: The Wolf of Baghdad. A graphic memoir film by Carol Isaacs. The audience is taken on a journey through a Jewish family’s memories of their lost Iraqi homeland. The film is a motion cartoon, that is, an animated slide show, with a soundtrack of Judeo-Arabic and Iraqi music.

After the film screening, Carol Isaacs will talk to Lyn Julius about the film and its themes. In 2019, Julius published the book “Uprooted: How 3000 Years of Jewish Civilization in the Arab World Vanished Overnight”. What made the Arab Jews leave the lands where they had lived for thousands of years?

The film lasts 46 minutes and has an age limit of 12 years. The conversation lasts approx. 30 minutes.

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Date Start Date: 03/09/2023

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Type of event

Open doors


Calmeyers gate 15B,
Oslo, Norway






Oslo Jewish Museum

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