EDJC 2023 > Inauguration of the open air museum “Jewish History of Onițcani”

Inauguration of the open air museum “Jewish History of Onițcani”

Until recently, there were very few known traces of Jewish heritage older than the 19th century in Moldova. There were Jews in Moldova before that, of course. But except for a few tombstones and synagogue ruins around the country, there was almost no physical evidence of them. Now that’s changing. Recent field research, expeditions and excavations have revealed Moldova’s Jewish heritage to be even deeper and richer than we realized.

A field research in 2019 discovered here fragments of Jewish tombstones. They were part of a Jewish cemetery, dated back to early 18th century, that was apparently demolished at the end of the 1950s.

Together, we will honor the memory and embrace the legacy of those who once lived in this spot.

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Date Start Date: 2023-09-03

10:00 - 11:00

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Onițcani, Moldova




Jewish History Museum of the Republic of Moldova

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