EDJC 2023 > Israel: honey, milk and unrest

Israel: honey, milk and unrest

The Jewish state, strung between the Mediterranean, Dead and Red Seas, has developed into a technological, economic and military power in 75 years. How did this Middle Eastern democracy survive in the world’s most challenging geopolitical neighborhood? Peace without peace? The documentary film Med, mleko i nemir by author Nejc Krevs sheds light on important historical, social and political milestones in the development of the modern Israeli state, from Zionist ideas, the Holocaust, the Jewish-Arab wars to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, peace negotiations and diplomatic relations between Slovenia and Israel. Krevs’ documentary debut offers an insight into the phenomenon of Israeli social and cultural contradictions formed by newcomers from more than 150 countries. The condensed ethnic space of the 9-million-strong Israel strengthens the spirit of liberal and secular thought on the one hand, and the breakthrough of religious zeal and noble conservatism on the other. Israel is a mirror of the world and the story of a dream that never stopped being dreamed. (Source: RTV Slovenija 365) After the screening, there will be a discussion with the author of the film, Nejce Krevs, led by Valentina Plaskan.

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Date Start Date: 10/10/2023

6:00 pm

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Pristan 8,
Maribor, Slovenia




Teološka fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani, Enota v Mariboru

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