EDJC 2023 > Jewish life in Prekmurje with Marko Krenn, Dušan Šarotar, and Boris Hajdinjak

Jewish life in Prekmurje with Marko Krenn, Dušan Šarotar, and Boris Hajdinjak

Day of Jewish Culture / Jiddis Kulturális Fesztivál A Bisale Mazl or Piece of Happiness / Egy kis mázli, which will start at 12 noon in Šalovci, will continue with a rich cultural program in the afternoon in Domanjševci. The introduction to the afternoon's events will be marked by speeches by the Mayor of the Municipality of Šalovci, Iztok Fartek, and the President of the Pomeranian Hungarian National Community, Dušan Orbán, as well as a dance performance by children from the Domanjševci Kindergarten. This will be followed by a round table on Jewish life in Prekmurje with renowned researchers and connoisseurs of the history and fate of Prekmurje Jews: Marko Krenn, Dušan Šarotarje and Boris Hajdinjak. In 2015, independent researcher Mark Krenn crowned his long-term study of the Jewish community in Prekmurje with the monograph Julij Gyula Schönauer, Šalovo photographer, and on the occasion of the Day of Jewish Culture, he will prepare a special photo exhibition, which will show images from the life of Jewish families in Šalovci and the surrounding area, and which will be open to the public that day. Part of the history of the Jews from Šalovci and Prekmurje was masterfully articulated by the writer Dušan Šarotar in his historical narratives, based on thorough research. Šarotar has already received several literary awards for his works, most recently for the novel Zvezdna karta, for which he received the Župančič Award this year. Director of the Jewish Cultural Heritage Center, Maribor Synagogue, Boris Hajdinjak, author of numerous documentary exhibitions and professional, scientific and popular science texts, is one of the greatest experts on the history of Jews in Slovenia. The well-known TV journalist Igor E. Bergant will talk to the guests of the round table.
The one-day meeting will end in the evening with a concert by singer Klarisa Jovanović from Lendava, who will be accompanied by pianist Dejan Berden and guitarist Nebojša Mitić, the Anbot group led by the renowned Slovenian musician Aldo Kumar and the Kontrabant ensemble led by Béla Szomi, who will entertain us with Jewish and Roma music and music of other ethnic communities of Prekmurje.

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Date Start Date: 2023-09-02

16:00 - 24:00

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Domanjševci 41,
Domanjševci, Slovenia




Madžarska samoupravna narodna skupnost Občine Šalovci

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