EDJC Organisers & Coordinators Meeting 2024

7th of March, 2024
15:00h - 18:00h CET


On March 7th, 2024, we were pleased to invite you to participate in the EDJC Organisers & Coordinators Meeting, a pivotal event that took place in the lead-up to this year’s European Days of Jewish Culture festival. This annual gathering brought together stakeholders from across Europe to collaborate, learn, and shape the future of the festival.

The meeting featured engaging discussions and presentations by esteemed speakers, including insights from renowned experts on topics related to the theme of “Family.” Participants gained valuable insights into impactful activities, guidelines for the upcoming festival, and thought-provoking discussions on Jewish heritage and culture. Attendees had the opportunity to connect with fellow organizers, share best practices, and contribute to the success of the EDJC 2024 festival.

We extend our gratitude to all who participated in making this event a success, and we look forward to seeing you at future gatherings as we continue to promote Jewish heritage and culture across Europe.

Starting at 15:00 CET, and throughout the afternoon, until 18:00 CET , esteemed speakers will share their insights and expertise, covering a range of topics related to Jewish heritage and culture. From impactful workshops to thought-provoking presentations, this meeting promises to be a dynamic forum for collaboration and learning.

Highlights include a keynote address by Rabbi David Levin-Kruss, an expert in Jewish studies, who will explore the lessons from Genesis on creating a Jewish family. Additionally, representatives from notable institutions like the European Comission, the National Library of Israel, the Combat Antisemitism Movement, the European Heritage Days and Paideia will present their contributions to the festival.

  • Welcome by Mme Claude Bloch, AEPJ Honorary President
  • Words by François Moyse, AEPJ President
  • Words by Dr. Pascale Falek, European Comission
  • EDJC 2023 Impact Evaluation Workshop by Raoul Sellam, external evaluator
  • Guidelines for EDJC 2024 by Federico Szarfer, EDJC Project Manager
  • Unveiling of EDJC 2024 Poster by Noemi Di Segni, UCEI President
  • Keynote by Rabbi David Levin-Kruss: How NOT To Create a Jewish Family – Bad Lessons from Genesis 
  • Presentation by Sergei Bazarya, European Heritage Days
  • Presentation by Olga Lempert, National Library of Israel
  • Presentation by Agnieszka Baraszko, Golan Tsdaff, Uriel Aiskovich, Paideia Mifgash
  • Presentation by Oriana Marie Krueger, Combat Antisemitism Movement
  • Closure by Annie Sacerdoti, member of AEPJ board

Claude Bloch

AEPJ Honorary President

Claude Bloch is one of the founders of the AEPJ, and is presently its Honorary President. She has dedicated many years of her life to the promotion of Jewish culture in Europe. She was particularly engaged in developing the Jewish Heritage in Alsace and setting up the European Day of Jewish Culture. Likewise, Claude played a crucial role in fostering lasting relations with the Council of Europe and establishing fruitful cooperation with this Institution.

François Moyse

AEPJ President

Currently, the President of AEPJ and is one of the founders of the European Days of Jewish Culture. Has worked on the project since the beginning. Has been formerly chairperson of the European Union of Jewish Students, Director of B’nai B’rith Europe and President of the Jewish community of Luxembourg.

Dr. Pascale Falek

Policy Officer at the European Commission, DG Justice, Unit C2 Fundamental Rights

Dr. Falek works since 2020 as Policy Officer at the European Commission, DG Justice, in the Office of the European Coordinator for combating antisemitism and fostering Jewish life, Ms. Katharina von Schnurbein. She is in charge of files related to education, research, Holocaust remembrance, the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance working definition of antisemitism, ritual slaughter and fostering Jewish life. Before joining the Commission, she worked as Curator and then Director of the Jewish Museum of Belgium. As research project manager at the Belgian State Archives, she co-published an archival source guide on Jewish history 19-20th centuries. She has a Master degree in Contemporary History (Université Libre de Bruxelles, 2003), a Master of Studies in Jewish Studies (Oxford University, 2004), a Master of Arts in European Studies (College of Europe, Natolin, 2005), and a PhD in History and Civilization from the European University Institute (Florence, 2011).

Raoul Sellam

External Evaluator

Raoul Sellam brings a distinctive fusion of skills acquired as both a CEO and a consultant for international organizations. With a robust entrepreneurial drive, he consistently supports individuals and teams through various means such as training, facilitating seminars, and providing coaching for senior executives.

Passionate about confronting novel management challenges and firmly believing in the significance of the human element within organizations, Raoul harnesses his passion and profound understanding of human behavior to deliver exemplary service to his clients.

Raoul Sellam, aged 59 and a proud father of one, is a graduate of ESCP-EAP (’87) and has been residing in Barcelona since 1999. Additionally, he holds a Hakama in Aikido.

Federico Szarfer

European Days of Jewish Culture Project Manager

Federico Szarfer, based in Barcelona, works at the AEPJ as project manager of the European Days of Jewish Culture and other EU funding projects. He conceives his work as the design and creation of experiences for cultural institutions, television, theatre and events. His passion is sharing Jewish culture as a pluralistic, current and meaningful heritage that can engage anyone. He is the founder and member of the Jewish Cultural Platform Mozaika in Barcelona.

Noemi Di Segni

UCEI President and member of AEPJ board

Since July 2016 the president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities has been Noemi Di Segni. Born in Jerusalem but Roman by adoption, married with three children, former Councillor for the Budget of the UCEI Council, Di Segni is in charge of the International Activities Office of the National Council of Accountants.

Rabbi David Levin-Kruss

Jewish Expert Educator

“Jewish text and tradition are the ‘technology’ we use to make the world a better place” says Rabbi David Levin-Kruss, Jerusalem-based educator, life-coach, consultant and project manager.

David’s professional accomplishments include serving as director of Jewish education for JDC-Europe; faculty and director of special programs at the Pardes Institute; overseas director of the Melitz Centers for Jewish Zionist Education; and community director and family educator at Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue in London.

David loves text-life interplay and is also the founder of My Open Book, an institute and methodology that uses Jewish and general texts combined with life-coaching techniques to achieve personal breakthroughs.

Levin-Kruss holds a B.A. and Teachers’ Certification in English Literature and Jewish Thought from Hebrew University. He served in the IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit and received rabbinic ordination from the Joseph and Gwendolyn Straus Rabbinical Seminary. He is a graduate of the Jerusalem Coaching Institute.

Sergei Bazarya

European Heritage Days Programme Manager

Sergei Bazarya is a programme manager of the European Heritage Days, a Council of Europe/European Union joint action since 1999. It is the most widely celebrated participatory annual cultural event in Europe, reaching out and mobilising millions of people under the motto “Europe, a common heritage”. Before joining the European Heritage Days team, Sergei held various advisory and management roles at the Council of Europe, coordinating and implementing programmes in the areas of intergovernmental cooperation, education and youth work. He has over 25 years of experience in international organisations, has lived and worked in Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria and France and has seen first-hand how international programmes lead to development of democratic institutions and intercultural dialogue. Sergei has advanced degrees in history, sociology and management. He speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, French and Czech.

Olga Lempert

Project Manager at the National Library of Israel

Originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, Olga has been involved in Jewish communal life all her life and has been working on Jewish education and heritage projects since the early 2000s. She is now part of the Gesher L’Europa team at the National Library of Israel, developing projects in the fields of culture, heritage, and training.

Agnieszka Baraszko

Project Manager and Recruitment Officer

Agnieszka Baraszko born and raised in Gdansk, Poland, is a Project Manager and Recruitment Officer at Paideia – the European Institute for Jewish Studies in Sweden. She works with the One-Year Jewish Study Program, Paideia Project-Incubator, runs Paideia Mifgash Project, and is a part of Paideia’s PR team.
Agnieszka leads Hevruta training sessions and gives lectures on Jewish Folklore. She is Paideia alumna and an active member of Stockholm and Gdansk Jewish Communities. She graduated from University of Warsaw, Jewish Open University in Warsaw and Autonomous University of Madrid. She holds an MA in Spanish literature and language and specializes in poetry translation.

Golan Tsdaff

Paideia Mifgash Event Leader

Golan is a passionate educator and community leader based in Brussels. Originally from Israel, he holds a degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the Hebrew University, and furthered his expertise in Educational Leadership and Policy at the Open University. Golan currently serves as the administrator of the International Jewish Center in Brussels, where he oversees various administrative functions and supports the center’s mission. He also brings his enthusiasm for learning to the classroom as a dedicated math teacher. Beyond his professional roles, Golan is deeply committed to strengthening the local community. He actively contributes to a local community helpline, demonstrating his dedication to tackling social isolation and emotional challenges faced by individuals, particularly focusing on supporting the needs of the elderly.

Uriel Aiskovich

Paideia Mifgash Event Leader

Uriel Aiskovich is a graduate in Political Science from the University of Buenos Aires, specializing in Cultural Diversity and Jewish Studies. He completed the second M2 Seniors Educators cohort at the Institute of Jewish Experiential Education in New York. As the founder of ID (Identity and Diversity Talks), Shagriria, MINU, and the Altneuland Foundation (an organization dedicated to using art to dismantle prejudices), Uriel has been actively involved in promoting social dialogue and cultural understanding. Additionally, for the past 15 years Uriel served as a lecturer in Philosophy of Social Science and Political Theory at the University of Buenos Aires and  held the role of Community Director at Centro Hebreo Iona (Iona Hebrew Center). Since 2021, Uriel has resided in Berlin to pursue his Rabbinical Studies at Abraham Geiger College while concurrently working on research in Biblical studies at Potsdam University and his Master’s thesis in Jewish Theology at Potsdam University.

Oriana Marie Krüger

Director of European Affairs, Combat Antisemitism Movement

Oriana Marie Krüger is the Director of European Affairs at the Combat Antisemitism Movement. Originally from Germany, she studied both in Berlin, Germany and in Tel Aviv, Israel. Prior to joining CAM, Oriana worked in the Office of the Special Representative for Holocaust Remembrance, and the Fight Against Antisemitism at the German Federal Foreign Office. Oriana studied her master’s degree in Interdisciplinary Research on Antisemitism and holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Annie Sacerdoti

Representative of UCEI and member of AEPJ board

Annie Sacerdoti, journalist, author of the first “Guide to Jewish Italy” and a series of regional Italian Jewish Itineraries and Italian Jewish Museums. Member of the Board of AEPJ from the beginning, she was in the team of the first European Day of Jewish Culture. She is Vice President of Fondazione Beni Culturali ebraici in Italia (UCEI).

Who can organise a EDJC activity?

Anyone! Whether you represent a Jewish community, a cultural association, a municipality or public institution, a museum or even an individual, you can organise an EDJC activity. To do so, we invite you to contact your local, regional or national coordinator to be included in their programme. Click here to see the list of coordinators. The AEPJ offers training, resources and support to any organisation, institution or individual who wishes to organise an activity that allows Jewish culture to be shared with the whole of society. See below for resources for the current issue.

What is an EDJC Coordinator?

The AEPJ has coordinated this event at European level since its beginnings in 1999, giving cohesion, visibility and relevance to the activities organised. But as the European territory is very large and the particularities and needs of each country may differ from the rest, there is the figure of the National, Regional or Local Coordinator who acts as a multiplier and ensures the implementation of the activities in the corresponding territory and through an extensive network of institutions and organisations.

If you want to become a coordinator, please contact us.

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For any enquiries, please contact Federico Szarfer at edjc@jewisheritage.org

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