EDJC 2023 > Motto: Familie – Moderiertes Gespräch und Akkordeonkonzert

Motto: Familie – Moderiertes Gespräch und Akkordeonkonzert

Margot's mother came from a Jewish family, her father from a Protestant, non-Jewish family. Margot experienced the persecution and murder of her closest relatives, the absurdities of National Socialist racial policy, but also unbreakable loyalty and the power of music. It was only when she became a widow for the second time at the age of 60 that she began to talk about her Jewish roots. In a moderated conversation with Monika Grübel, Christine Bücher looks back on the eventful life of her aunt Margot and tells how she repeatedly came across the unexpected while researching her family history.

Let yourself be taken on a musical journey through countries and eras. The outstanding accordionist Pavel Efremov interprets masterpieces by composers such as Scarlatti, Piazzolla, Galliano, Levitckis, as well as traditional Jewish melodies. The program combines classical music, tango, jazz and folk melodies and shows the versatility and emotional depth of the accordion. Experience a unique concert that connects cultures and overcomes musical boundaries.

On September 1st, in addition to our main program, we will also be offering a free guided tour of the exhibition and synagogue as well as a village tour to the Jewish cemetery.

Further information can be found in the detailed program.

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Date Start Date: 2024-09-01

11:00 - 18:00

Type of event



Mühlenend 1,
Titz, Germany






LVR-KULTURHAUS Landsynagoge Rödingen

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