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Tažní ptáci

Migratory birds
Diaspora, exile, immigration
"Important figures in European history through the eyes of students – illustrations"
A collection of portraits of extraordinary figures in Central European history, science, art, architecture, business or sport commemorates their work and legacy. It shows that the development of a country is not possible without the exchange of ideas and traditions and is based on the intermingling of cultures.
The exhibition
Project manager and curator – Renáta Fučíková
The Great Synagogue Pilsen
Faculty of Design and Art Ladislav Sutnar University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

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Date Start Date: 2023-09-18
End Date: 2023-10-31

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sady Pětatřicátníků 35/11,
Plzeň 3-Jižní Předměstí, Czechia
301 00




Židovská obec Plzeň

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