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Ancient Israel. Life and social order

Ancient Israel. Life and Social Order is an important reference and monumental work that brings the reader a comprehensive reconstruction of the social and religious life of Israel in the Old Testament. Based on Old Testament texts, archaeological evidence, and information gleaned from studies of Israel's neighbors, the work first offers a broad introduction to the nomadic nature of life in ancient Israel and then details the development of Israel's most important institutions—family, civil, military, and religious—and their impact on the life and history of the nation. At the end of the book, a Biblical archaeological collection of objects from the Holy Land (from the areas of today's Israel, Palestine, and Egypt) is presented. The items were collected by academic ddddr. Jože Krašovec, and the inventory and basic catalog of the collection was prepared in Jerusalem by archaeologist Jean-Baptiste Humbert, a student of Roland de Vaux. Roland de Vaux's book will be presented by the co-author of the Slovenian translation, dr. Samo Skralovnik.

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27 October 2022


11:00 AM – 12:30 PM


Slomškov trg 20, Theological library Maribor


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