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Blue and ochre harmonies – Exhibition

One of the manifestations of the Sephardic culture was their poetic-musical heritage which shows the aesthetic of the everyday life in both, familiar and communal spheres through a repertoire based on the Life Cycle and Festival Annual Cycle, that is all of the songs which illustrate poetically the rites of transition – birth, introduction into the adult world, marriage, death – and the commemorations of the Jewish calendar. There are three poetic-musical genres that compose this repertoire: Romance, Cantiga and Copla. Romances, and in a way Cantigas or lyric, establish a continuity of the Hispanic medieval repertoire and lasted thanks to oral tradition generation to generation that was basically feminine. Sephardic Coplas are printed and sung usually by men and reflect Hebrew sources inspired on biblical and rabbinical narratives. Fluent and charming characteristics of this musical world, mainly gathered in the XX century in interviews to specialist informants, are suffering a process of immanent disappearance of traditional values. This is what transforms each work into a singular and beautiful heirloom and we dedicate this beautiful exposition to it, presenting the Blue and Ochre Harmonies that enlighten the Life Cycle and the Sephardic Annual Holiday Cycle.

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01 September 2022


09:30 AM – 06:30 PM


Visitors Reception Centre (Plaza del Triunfo, no number)


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