EDJC 2021 > Spain > Cuento teatralizado “Tres dulzuras en la Córdoba de Sefarad”

Cuento teatralizado “Tres dulzuras en la Córdoba de Sefarad”

In such a difficult time for all humanity, in which isolation and sadness have made such a dent in our individual and collective spirits, at a time when communication and contact have become as necessary as air and food , we have valued with all the rawness the importance of beauty and harmony. Because fear is a powerful enemy that is rooted in ignorance and grows fueled by loneliness. As there is no better way to know oneself and to know the community to which we belong, we have written a story recovering the voice and the word to give and comfort the ears that are so in need of relief and hope. At a time when the union and the review of the past are so necessary to understand who we are and to direct our steps towards a better future, this story has emerged that tells us that united we are stronger, wiser and happier, that sharing tradition is forging progress. We address the little ones, children of age and of heart, that child who does not know a past reality, but who needs his ancestral roots to walk more safely through life. That child that we all carry inside and that needs stories to understand, understand and take flight. For this we have chosen three girls who lived in Sepharad, in one of its most emblematic cities. They will be accompanied by a narrator and a magical spirit that inhabits the streets of Córdoba. The protagonists of a story in verse, filled with traditional music and dances, will be able to play with the public and also make them participate in the story. These girls are Córdoba in their colors, their customs and their beliefs and above all they are Córdoba in their bread, their music and their roots. With them we will take a tour through alleys and flavors, through dances and sweets, through the past shared in the neighborhood of games, words and recipes that feed the palate and life itself. We are all Córdoba in our hearts, by recognizing ourselves in the colorful and rich mosaic that our girls make up, we strengthen who we were and we project ourselves towards what we will truly be. Therefore, we want to tell you this story, an imaginary toy or not…. Who knows if our girls walked our streets? Who knows if they are still in us every time we break and share bread? The audience that accompanies us will be as much a protagonist as the girls who make up the story, because they are part of the magic recipe that the protagonists and the city's goblin propose to us.

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10 September 2021


08:30 PM – 09:30 PM


Zoco Municipal


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