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European Day Of Jewish Culture

The European Day of Jewish Culture will take place on Sunday, October 24 at the Neve Shalom Synagogue and Culture Center and the Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews. Held in Turkey since 2001, the EDJC day will introduce the culture and traditions of the Turkish Jews with a series of events - lectures, exhibitions, documentary films, concerts, tours - within the framework of the “Dialogue ” theme. The Turkish Jewish Community has been living in the territory of Turkey for centuries and on this day visitors will be able to learn more about its culture, the vanishing language Judeo-Espanyol (Ladino), Sephardic dishes, melodies and stories. The main purpose of the day is to introduce the cultural and historical heritage of the Jews as well as to share their traditional music and arts with the people of their country. The program, open to public, consists of a variety of topics that will take participants on a journey towards the life-style of Turkish Jews. The in-person exhibitions “Judaism Within Time and Place”and “Jewish Footseps” can be visited on EDJC day at the Museum. Moreover, there will be an opening gala of the“Jewish Footsteps” documentary. A band will perform Judeo Spanish tunes on the street in front of the Museum. Visitors can also join the Jewish Heritage Tours and visit different synagogues in the old Jewish neighbourhoods of Galata and Balat area. This year’s events will take place as a hybrid model as both in person and online, and can be accessed at www.muze500.com throughout the year. Online events will be presented on Zoom. In these online events, a variety of topics will be discussed and presented by expert lecturers. "Archeology of Synagogues"will be presented with emphasis on "Duro Europos"; a synagogue in Syria which bears all the artistic features of Jewish, Roman, Iranian and Hellenistic cultures. A philosophical presentation will be made on the comparison of Islamic and Jewish dietary laws; 'Kosher' vs 'Halal'. "Jewish Illusionists and Puppet Artists" is another subject which will be discussed by two famous Turkish artists. "The Contributions of the Jews of Spain and Portugal to Science in the Medievals" will be presented in two parts. In this presentation scientists who immigrated to the Ottoman Empire will also take place. Jewish settlements since the Ottoman Empire will be explained and relations with other minorities will be discussed under the topic "Jewish Neighbourhoods and Synagogues From the Past to the Present". "Interaction of Sephardic Cuisine with its Environments " will be another presentation. Traditional Sephardic dish presentations, Jewish traditional music and dance shows can also be viewed online during the day and throughout the year.

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24 October 2021


10:00 AM – 06:00 PM


Bereketzade Mahallesi,Büyük Hendek Caddesi,No: 39, Beyoğlu


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