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Film collection “Jewish Life Around the World”

For the European Day of Jewish Culture, filmfriend, the online film portal of libraries in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, presents the film collection “Jewish Life Around the World” which includes more than 30 feature films and documentaries on the topic. At the center of the collection is the 24-hour documentary series “24h Jerusalem,” which is currently only available from filmfriend as a streaming provider. 70 film teams accompanied around 90 protagonists with the most diverse life stories at work and in their free time, in cramped apartments and lavish villas, in temples, mosques and churches, in Israeli settlements and Palestinian refugee camps. “24h Jerusalem” looks at the Holy City through the eyes of its people: Jews, Muslims and Christians, Israelis, Palestinians and foreigners, women and men, immigrants and old-timers, believers and atheists, night owls and early risers. Other documentaries include “Ink of Yam,” which focuses on the complex life of a tattoo studio in Jerusalem, “Marceline. One Woman. A Century” about director and writer Marceline Loridan-Ivens (1928-2018), and “An Apartment in Berlin,” about young Israelis in contemporary Berlin exploring the lives of Jewish Berliners* 100 years ago. The numerous feature films in the collection include diverse works such as “John Rabe,” “Kaddish for a Friend,” “Comedian Harmonists,” “Combat Girls,” "Les Milles" and “War of the Buttons.” The compilation is emphatically unorganized with endpapers: Historical subjects are juxtaposed with contemporary material; films on the human crime of the Shoa in Germany are juxtaposed with dramas, tragedies and comedies on contemporary Jewish life; documentary portraits are juxtaposed with fictional narratives.

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01 September 2022


12:00 AM – 11:30 PM


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