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Renewal of Kavod Ha-Met

The principle of Kavod HaMet is one central principle in Judaism. It loosely translates to “affording the deceased appropriate respect and honor”, and it governs the entire attitude towards death, mourning rituals, memorials of the deceased, and the sanctity imputed on the Bet Almin, the place of eternal rest or cemetery. Whenever Jewish presence was interrupted, sometimes for centuries, this tradition had to be interrupted. In 2006, initiatives to renew this commitment came out from within the Jewish world in Barcelona. In this presentation you will learn about these traditions, how the ancient Jewish cemetery in town was designated a historical landmark site and how was it possible to find out about its extension doing archival research. Thanks to a generous donation, this activity is offered at no cost. Registration up to 24hs before, by mail to tomasovd@gmail.com

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18 September 2022


07:30 PM – 08:30 PM




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