EDJC 2021 > Spain > Ruta en Bici: Plantas de los Diálogos del Antiguo Testamento” A cargo de ZUMAYA

Ruta en Bici: Plantas de los Diálogos del Antiguo Testamento” A cargo de ZUMAYA

This group has spent more than 40 years researching, compiling and commenting on Sephardic music; that is to say, the musical tradition of those societies that, forced to leave the Spain of the Catholic Monarchs, emigrated to many other lands, especially to the dominions of the Ottoman Empire. Janet and Jak have performed in concerts and participated in countless festivals honoring this musical tradition throughout the world. Likewise, they have been guests of many television sets and many other radio studios on the innumerable occasions in which they have been invited to speak on the subject or to present their albums. In 1992 they received the Record Critics Award in Germany (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik) thanks to their album “Sefardim1” published in that country. Both authors made Sephardic music known to the general public in Turkey thanks to the radio programs that for more than two years they produced and presented on the independent radio stations, 'Açık Radyo' and 'Yaşam Radyo', well known in their country. native. They have commented on specific songs that they have compiled themselves and that in general are framed within Sephardic music. In this way, Janet and Jak Esim have acquired a privileged point of view, becoming interpreters of an original and almost unknown repertoire within the catalog of Sephardic music in the world. Both musicians work to create an authentic musical environment, which helps to shed light on the Eastern-Western musical synthesis and to simplify the different voices that stand out in society. Occasionally, Janet and Jak Esim take on the responsibility of raising awareness of Turkey, not only within their own country but also beyond its borders, and they do so especially by commenting in a harmonized way on a number of select and high-level works within the musical repertoire of Turkish classical music. The members of the group are Janet Esim (vocalist), Jak Esim (vocalist, guitar), Yusuf Esim (vocalist, guitar), Bekir Şahin Baloğlu (Lute), Oral Yay (Percussionist) LINKS: https://www.facebook.com/janetjakesim/

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05 September 2021


09:00 AM – 11:00 AM


Centro de Educación Vial


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