EDJC 2021 > Spain > Ruta Teatralizada “Judíos y conversos” A cargo de EVENTOUR

Ruta Teatralizada “Judíos y conversos” A cargo de EVENTOUR

The Sephardic people have given illustrious characters, among which the diplomats stand out, whose work was vital for the future of the Iberian Peninsula. From the hand of the great Hasday ben Shaprut we will learn interesting stories about embassies to distant territories, and that they built bridges of dialogue between cultures. Although Hasday will be our host, how could it be otherwise, we will also know the diplomatic missions of other Jewish characters such as Andrés de Cabrera, or Samuel ha Leví, who negotiated the peace between Castile and Portugal, reflected in the treaty of Évora. A visit full of unknown and surprising facts that will value the great work of these illustrious characters in a rigorous but entertaining way. Dramatized guided tour with two characters.

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17 September 2021


08:00 PM – 10:00 PM


Puerto del Obispado.


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