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Silence for the eyes, presentation of the novel

Slovenian writer, journalist, publicist and screenwriter Branko Šömen wrote the novel Silence for the Eyes (Tišina za oči) at the suggestion of his now deceased friend, Hollywood producer and two-time Oscar winner Branko Lustig, who survived the Auschwitz camp as a child. The novel tells a fictional story, but is at the same time based on a real historical background, about a special section of Sonderkomandos, prisoners who filled crematorium furnaces with the corpses of dead fellow martyrs until it was their turn. The novel is thus an extremely shocking narrative about the awareness of impending death, collective dying and self-salvation, as well as the preservation of humanity and faith in a fellow human being. Presentation of the novel and a conversation with the author Branko Šömn. The discussion will be moderated by Bojan Labović, and Milena Zupančič and Petja Labović will also perform.

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05 September 2021


06:00 PM – 07:30 PM


Židovska ulica 4



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