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Star Chart – presentation of the novel and conversation with the author

Writer, poet, screenwriter and photographer Dušan Šarotar has been occupying one of the most prominent places in Slovenian literary creation for many years. He is known as a scriptwriter for documentaries and feature films and puppet shows, but above all as a novelist and writer who also writes for children. His oeuvre includes novels as well as short stories and poetry, with the central themes of his works often being the fate of the Jewish community and the Holocaust in Murska Sobota and more widely in Prekmurje. He also devotes his latest novel Star Chart (Zvezdna karta) to these two themes, in which the central protagonists are Franjo Schwarz, a merchant from Čakovec, and his wife Rozika - Roža, born Hahn, from Bodonci. Roža and their son Evgen were deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau in early July 1944, from where they never returned. Franjo, who was in forced labor camp in Hungary during the war, survived the Holocaust. Their story is told by the maid Žalna, "and the writer writes it down with selected, precise words carved from memory and frames it more like a historical fresco in the spot that is created when the palm wipes the dew from the cold glass" (Janez Pipan). Professor of Slovenian, chief and responsible editor of the magazine Child and Book (Otrok in knjiga), moderator of conversations with Slovenian writers and host of round tables, Darka Tancer-Kajnih, will talk to the author. The musical addition will be provided by violinist Vesna Čobal and guitarist Petar Marić, members of the Maribor ethno-klezmer group Kontra-Kvartet. Coorganised with the Maribor Library.

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08 September 2022


06:00 PM – 07:30 PM


Židovski trg


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