EDJC 2021 > Spain > Visita Turística: “Conociendo nuestro legado sefardí”. A cargo de Alba Carrillo

Visita Turística: “Conociendo nuestro legado sefardí”. A cargo de Alba Carrillo

"The objective of this visit is to learn about the Jewish legacy in Córdoba and how their presence has contributed to enriching the culture of the city; For this we are going to talk about the history of the Jewish quarter (its extension, the limits and its evolution over time) of the synagogue, the important people who inhabited it and the remarkable dwellings found in the Jewish quarter. The tour begins at Puerta de Almodóvar, where I will explain the route and make an introduction to the history of the Jews in Córdoba and the Jewish quarter. The next stop would be the Córdoba Synagogue. We will continue the route visiting the sculpture of Maimonides and explaining who this illustrious character was. In the Maimonides square we will stop to talk about the Judeo-converts and some houses in the square. We will continue through the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, Calle Romero and Calle Judería and using a map we will see the limits of the Jewish Quarter. We will stop at the Juda Leví square to talk about this character. The next stop will be the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos where we will talk about the Inquisition and the relationship of the Jews with Muslims and Christians. Finally, the visit will end in the San Basilio neighborhood, where we will talk about what is known as the castle of the Jewish quarter and we will end by talking about the importance of the Jewish community in Córdoba and how they contributed to the Andalusian culture and the historical legacy of the town."

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09 September 2021


10:30 AM – 12:00 PM


Puerta de Almodóvar



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