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Graduation performance as part of the master's degree in Nonverbal Theater of the Academy of Arts and Culture in Osijek, the author's project of Tanja Ruta Grgić. The main theme of the play is death, transience and decay. The author's practical inspiration was the history of her ethnic and cultural Jewish background. As theoretical inspiration, she used the books of Bruno Schulz and the doctoral work of Dr. Edith Stein and some philosophical ideas of Martin Buber. The performance has a strong dance basis, where the phenomenon of dance branding and the phenomenon of empathy in the performer-audience relationship were explored in the process. It is performed by dancers Tanja Ruta Grgić and Parsifal Plazas, a Colombian dancer and choreographer. The music is presented in the form of a sonata for solo cello op. no. 8 by Zoltan Kodalya performed live by Neva Begović. One part of the play is purely visual and uses canvas and shadows. Young artists Rafael and Hela Grgić are the performers in that part of the show.

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01 January 1970


12:00 AM – 12:00 AM



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