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Experience Jewish tradition and culture the authentic way. Organized by the Municipality of Cordoba, the Sephardic Autumn offers many opportunities to get in touch with the Jewish way of life and culture. The 2021 Sephardic Autumn is held between 1 and 19 September. A thousand years back, the Jewish culture played an important role in town, when Jews, Muslims and Christans peacefully coexisted here and made Cordoba the most recognized cultural and economic center in the entire western world of that time. Thus, even today Cordoba is known and refered to as the city of the three cultures. The Jewish heritage is still omnipresent. Events such as the International Sephardic Music Festival or the Sephardic Autumn make their contribution to bring a broad audience closer to these rich traditions and customs. Apart from that, this heritage - being set in stone - can be seen on many places in town. The Jewish Quarter is one of the most recognized attractions in Medieval Cordoba. The Calle de los Judíos (Street of the Jews) refers by its name to the rich legacy of this neighborhood. Right here the Cordoba Synagogue, one of still a few still to exist in all of Spain, is found, as well as Casa Sefarad (Sephardic House), a jewish cultural museum, and the Maimonides statue. Offering numerous events and a packed cultural program, Otoño Sefardí is one of the highlights in local Jewish life. Workshops, concerts, exhibits, guided tours and many more activities give an insight in the Sephardic history. So come and get in touch with the Cordoba’s Jewish legacy. This year’s edition of the 20th Sephardic Music Fest is taking place on the occasion of Sephardic Autumn. More Information on the Sephardic Music Fest To join any of the Separdic Autumn’s events, a prior reservation is necessary. Tickets are available for reservation at the following website: www.cordobaocio.es

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