Moldova_ Bendery city

Bendery city

Bendery is a town on the territory of the unrecognized PMR, the main port on the Dniester River and the center of the Transnistrian railway. The population is about 80 thousand people.

As a rule, the name Bendery is translated as a harbor, a port. The translation of the Romanian variant Tighina is similar. The first settlements appeared here more than 2 thousand years ago. The first historical mention goes back to 1408. In the 16th century, Bendery became part of the Ottoman Empire. In the 18th century, the Russian Empire made numerous attempts to storm the fortress. In 1713, the king of Sweden, Charles XII, was in it leading an uprising against the Turks. Formally, for 10 days the fortress was the territory of the Swedish kingdom. In 1812, Bendery, like all of Bessarabia, became part of Russia.

In 1918, Bendery became part of Romania. In June 1940, the town became part of the USSR. In July, 1941, it is captured by Romanian and German troops. As a result of artillery shelling, most of the town was destroyed. In August, 1944, Soviet troops liberated the city. In 1993, fierce battles took place in Bendery between the troops of Moldova and the PMR, which caused the most numerous casualties during the military clash.

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