EDJC Organisers & Coordinators Meeting 2023

February 22nd & 23rd, 2023
Paris, France


The bi-annual meeting for organisers and coordinators of European Days of Jewish Culture activities returns to its face-to-face format. And we do so in an extraordinary context and under the umbrella of an exceptional programme: the Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme of the European Union.

On this occasion we will have the opportunity to spend two full days together in the city of Paris with the aim of training and reflection on how to work with this editions theme Memory.

The theme of memory is particularly relevant to the EDJC, as it allows us to explore and remember the rich history of Jewish culture and heritage. The festival provides an opportunity to learn about Jewish culture and history, and to reflect on the role of memory in shaping our understanding of the past and the present.

During the meeting, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in training sessions and workshops on the theme of memory, as well as to attend coordination meetings and networking events. The meeting will also feature keynote speeches from experts in the field of Jewish culture and heritage.

The European Days of Jewish Culture is an important event that brings Jewish culture to the forefront and allows us to explore and appreciate the rich heritage of Jewish communities across Europe. The EDJC Organisers and Coordinators Meeting is a unique opportunity for organizers and coordinators to come together and to make the festival a success.

We invite all organizers and coordinators to join us in Paris in February for the EDJC Organisers and Coordinators Meeting 2023 and to be a part of this exciting event. Together, we can ensure that the European Days of Jewish Culture continues to be a vibrant and meaningful celebration of Jewish culture and heritage.

Participation in this seminar is free of charge for any organiser or coordinator of European Days of Jewish Culture activities and includes all training, materials, coffee breaks and midday lunches. It does not include transport, accommodation or other expenses.

Who can organise a EDJC activity?

Anyone! Whether you represent a Jewish community, a cultural association, a municipality or public institution, a museum or even an individual, you can organise an EDJC activity. To do so, we invite you to contact your local, regional or national coordinator to be included in their programme. Click here to see the list of coordinators. The AEPJ offers training, resources and support to any organisation, institution or individual who wishes to organise an activity that allows Jewish culture to be shared with the whole of society. See below for resources for the current issue.

What is an EDJC Coordinator?

The AEPJ has coordinated this event at European level since its beginnings in 1999, giving cohesion, visibility and relevance to the activities organised. But as the European territory is very large and the particularities and needs of each country may differ from the rest, there is the figure of the National, Regional or Local Coordinator who acts as a multiplier and ensures the implementation of the activities in the corresponding territory and through an extensive network of institutions and organisations.

If you want to become a coordinator, please contact us.

Check out the EDJC Organisers & Coordinators Meeting 2023 programme:

The programme may vary slightly, pending confirmation of some speakers.

Tuesday 21st February

  • Arrival & Accommodation
    • 16.00h    CERV-REM Project Partners’ Meeting (only for members of the Consortium)

Wednesday 22nd February

  • 9:30h     Welcome
  • 10:00h   Plenary coordination session by AEPJ
  • 10:30h   Project partners presentations
    • By the MahJ, the Liberation Route Europe and the National Library of Israel
  • 11:15h   COFFEE BREAK
  • 11:30h   Field visit & Case study
  • 13:00h   LUNCH
  • 14:30h   Training Session: Memory as a universal problem in post-modern societies.
    • By Philippe Perchok (TBC) and Philippe Boukara
  • 16:00h   COFFEE BREAK
  • 16:30h   3 Workshop session:
    • EDJC cultural diplomacy. Programming activities aimed at ambassadors and consuls.
      • By Leon Saltiel (WJC representative to the UN).
    • Open debate session “Can we Remember together?”
      • By Helise Lieberman and Andrei Kovacs (EDJC Task Force Group)
    • Workshop by NLI
      • By the National Library of Israel.
  • 18:00h   END OF DAY 1

Thursday 23rd February

  • 9:30h     Training Session: Memory of Jewish culture as part of the European patrimony
    • By Laurence Sigal, Leopold Braunstein and Monyka Adamczyk-Garbowska (TBC)
  • 11:00h   COFFEE BREAK
  • 11:30h   2 Workshop session:
    • Workshop by NLI
      By the National Library of Israel.
    • Creativity Workshop
      By Gastón Lisak
  • 13:00h   LUNCH
  • 14:30h   Training Session: Commemorating the Shoah – yes, but how?
    • By Lisa Saloch, Aline Benain and Laurence Schram
  • 16:00h   COFFEE BREAK
  • 16:30h   Plenary coordination session by AEPJ
  • 17:30h   Farewell
  • 18:00h   END OF DAY 2


For security reasons, the conference venue and its address will be communicated directly to participants after their registration has been accepted. The venue is located in the centre of Paris, very close to the town hall area.

Accommodation suggestion

Below we suggest some hotels that, due to their location, price and quality, may be suitable for your stay in Paris. However, feel free to choose the accommodation that best suits your tastes and needs.

Limited places. Registration closes on:

31st January 2023


AEPJ Members

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