EDJC 2023 under the patronage of UNESCO


We are thrilled to announce that this year’s European Days of Jewish Culture 2023 is happening under the prestigious patronage of UNESCO. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for our event and emphasizes the shared commitment to celebrating and preserving Jewish heritage and culture.


Using the UNESCO Logo

We are privileged to incorporate the UNESCO logo into our event communications. However, there are specific guidelines and conditions that organizers and coordinators must adhere to. To obtain the logo and conditions of use, please contact the festival’s project manager, Federico Szarfer, by email:

Request the UNESCO logo

  • The UNESCO logo should be used accompanied by the text “Under the patronage of:
  • The UNESCO logo can only be used by EDJC organizers and coordinators for activities within the program of EDJC 2023.
  • The logo may only be used in activities that deal with the theme of Memory.
  • The logo can only be used for activities taking place between 3rd of September and 30th of November, 2023.
  • It should only be featured on materials using the official EDJC 2023 poster (or an adapted version) including the logos of AEPJ and NLI.
  • The UNESCO logo must not be modified in any way and should not appear smaller than 12mm in height.
  • The logo should only be used on materials directly related to authorized events or activities.
  • The authorization for logo use is time-bound and expires with the end of the event or activity.
  • Material bearing the UNESCO logo must include the disclaimer stating that views expressed are not necessarily those of UNESCO.

Read UNESCO conditions of use


UNESCO’s Mission in the Preservation of Culture

UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, acts as a conduit for international collaboration in education, sciences, culture, communication, and information. With a mission to encourage knowledge exchange and idea-sharing, UNESCO contributes to mutual understanding and supports the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Emerging from the shadows of World War II, UNESCO was born from a collective vision to foster peace through intellectual solidarity. By promoting education, preserving cultural heritage, and advocating for universal human rights, UNESCO strengthens bonds between nations and cultivates a shared culture of peace. Today, its efforts remain as relevant as ever in a world facing new forms of intolerance and challenges to cultural diversity.

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Recommended Resources for Organizers and Coordinators

For those seeking deeper insights into the cultural and historical significance of the European Days of Jewish Culture 2023 under UNESCO’s patronage, the following publications are highly recommended. These publications not only align with the ethos of the European Days of Jewish Culture 2023 but also offer valuable perspectives on preserving cultural heritage and promoting understanding. They provide a broader context to the festival’s objectives and resonate with the spirit of UNESCO’s commitment to education, culture, and peace:

  1. Holocaust Education in a Global Context – Edited by Karel Fracapane and Matthias Haß, in collaboration with the Topography of Terror Foundation, Berlin.
  2. Memory of the World Programme – This initiative stands as a testament to the belief that the world’s documentary heritage belongs to all and should be preserved, protected, and accessible to everyone. It focuses on areas affected by conflict and disaster, ensuring the preservation of valuable heritage.

Explore other UNESCO publications

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