AEPJ Routes Incubator 2022
Izmir Jewish Heritage study visits programme

Postponed due to force majeur
Izmir, Turkey

AEPJ Routes Incubator 2022:
Postponed due to force majeur

We deeply regret to inform you that the AEPJ board has decided to postpone the Izmir Incubator, planned for this coming July. Recent events in Israel and the Middle East have profoundly affected the levels of security warnings throughout the area, including Turkey. This information, as well as appearing in the media, has come to us directly from a number of sources. In order not to take any risk for the participants, the AEPJ Board has decided, together with our colleagues in Izmir, to postpone the Incubator to later in the year. We are deeply saddened by this news, which is due to force majeure beyond our control.

Therefore, we ask that those of you who have not yet bought your plane tickets not to do so for the time being. In case you have already done so, please consider the possibility of cancelling or postponing your flight with the airline company. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Once again, we apologise for the inconvenience. We will continue to work on it.


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“Jewish Heritage is a verb”

The annual AEPJ routes managers meeting is back, with a unique edition to be held in the Turkish city of Izmir from 19th to 22nd of July. The programme will offer a multidisciplinary perspective, combining keynote sessions, workshops, study visits, plenary sessions and networking sessions.

The project of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage faces new challenges and needs. It is time to holistically develop aspects such as the re-definition of traditional narratives, promote the educational environment, the academic research and the development of strategic partnerships.

In addition, the Incubator will be complemented by a programme of study visits, analysis and presentation of Izmir’s Jewish heritage recovery project, organised by Izmir Jewish Heritage. With this complementary programme, participants will be able to explore and learn first-hand about the development of a unique project for the recovery, preservation and promotion of Jewish heritage.

It is time to work together hand in hand, and the Incubator is the ideal setting for this.

In this year’s edition, we highlight the participation of members of our scientific committee, as well as stakeholders and institutions with which we collaborate in the framework of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage certified by the Council of Europe. A unique opportunity to reflect, create, imagine and establish development strategies for the routes.

Two programmes in one, from which participants can benefit for a unique discovery and learning experience. 

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