The synagogue of the oldest existing Jewish community in Spain, founded in 1918. The community moved into the current building in 1954. The Synagogue of the Jewish Community of Barcelona, is a cultural and religious center that was built in 1954 to serve the Jewish community that lived then in the city of Barcelona. The three story building is located on Avenir street, and provides services to the members of the community as well as visitors. The center has two synagogues, one Sephardic and the other Ashkenazi. The building also has a library and a conference room.

  • According to the most popular story, this synagogues was built with the donations of a lady named Donna Gracia Nassi. Known with the nicknames Gveret or La Sinyora, among the European Jews, she was the aunt of Yosef Nassi, who rose to important positions in the Ottoman Empire.
    However, the Turkish Jewish historian Avram Galante admits that this synagogue is likely to have been built by a Dutch Jewish lady named Osbio or Aseo, also the founder of the Lazaretto .
    Burnt repeatedly in the 16th and 17th centuries, the building was completely destroyed in the fire of 1841 and was rebuilt with the contributions of Moiz Bengiat Yerusalmi.
    It can clearly be seen from the ground layout of the synagogue that it was transformed from central plan to dual Tevah application.

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