The European Route of Judaism on the Rhineland – Haguenau

Haguenau introduction

Haguenau has a rich 18th century built heritage that you can discover during a walk, thanks to the audio guides available at the tourist office (in French, German, English or children’s version), or in the form of guided tours in the summer season.

Haguenau in detail

Complete your discovery with a visit to one of the city’s 3 museums (the Luggage Museum, the Alsatian Museum and the Historical Museum).

If you want to go “green”, the remarkable Haguenau forest (6th largest forest in France) is located just a stone’s throw from the city centre. Come and get some fresh air during a hike (hiking or cycling) or simply by settling on the terrace of the inn which is located in the place called “Le Gros Chêne”, a privileged place for families, in the heart of the forest massif. 4th largest city in Alsace, Haguenau is also an industrial and commercial city in the north of the region, located about thirty kilometres north of Strasbourg. Today, the city is discovered through its pleasant pedestrian city centre, its beautiful 18th century buildings, its museums, its many green spaces and its forest, as well as rich and diversified events throughout the year.


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