The European Route of Judaism on the Rhineland – Saverne

Saverne introduction

For 22 centuries, the great historical and cultural currents have left their mark on the town.

From the time of the Gallic city, which became a Roman camp, called “Tres Tabernae”, to the present day, Saverne has preserved the traces of its historical role and its past life: remains of the Roman wall, medieval wall, Romanesque church, cloister, remarkable houses, etc.

The town is set in an exceptional natural site, at the foot of wooded mountains, crowned with fortified castles that surround it like so many sentinels. Discover the city of Saverne with the main sightseeing :

  •  On the heights, the Haut-Barr castle known as “the eye of Alsace”, enjoy its remarkable overview.
  •  Visit the old city with its cloister and church. Or you can directly access to the Rohan Castle Park near the marina.


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Château des Rohan – Saverne

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