The EDJC 2024 Celebrates the Tapestry of Family: Starting Jewish Life and Continuing Tradition

In a celebration of diversity and tradition, the European Days of Jewish Culture 2024 will delve into the heart of Jewish life with its central theme: “Family.” The festival promises an exploration of family from a myriad of perspectives, blending the timeless traditions with the dynamism of the modern world.

The European Days of Jewish Culture is an annual event that brings communities together to celebrate and explore Jewish heritage and culture. With each passing year, the festival selects a central theme to serve as a focal point for discussions, performances, and various cultural activities.

For 2024, the chosen theme of “Family” aims to showcase the intricate tapestry of family life within European Jewish communities. From ancient traditions rooted in biblical narratives to the contemporary challenges faced by families in the modern world, the theme provides a platform for a rich and nuanced exploration.

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