AEPJ participates in the 3rd Transnational Fab Routes project meeting

On the 14th of December we participated in the 3rd Transnational Fab Routes project meeting! 

The meeting took place in the beautiful Cuacos de Yuste in Spain and was hosted by our partners of the European Routes of Charles V.

In this project, six cultural routes of the Council of Europe, including the European Routes of Jewish Heritage, plus the University of Bologna and Argo, are working together to design an innovative educational module to improve our members skills in relation to Cultural Heritage Management and sustainable tourism.

It is a pleasure and a source of inspiration to work with our colleagues from the Council of Europe’s Cultural Routes family in the development of our projects. Thank you very much to all the partners for the fruitful discussions and we are looking forward to finally meet you in person in the next transnational meeting in April, which will take place in Ertfurt Germany.


Opening Ceremony of restored Etz Hayim Synagogues in Izmir

The ribbon cutting of the opening ceremony, was jointly made with the participation of Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality of Izmir Mr Tunç Soyer, Mayor of Konak Mr Abdul Batur, İZKA representative, Nesim Bencoya and Mr. Avram Sevinti the president of the Jewish community, which was a great moment to remember.

The ceremony started with the speeches of both Mayors, respectively, where they both expressed their sincere wishes for a happy Hanukkah and their great admiration of the work accomplished in Etz Hayim Synagogue. The president of the Jewish community Mr. Sevinti made a short welcome speech, and Nesim Bencoya also made a greeting speech which was followed by live music and dance performances admired by the audience.

Gratitude was expressed for Ms.


AEPJ leads the 2nd WalkEur Training in Cultural Management in Barcelona

During the week of 29 November to 3 December, more than 22 members of the 4 cultural routes of the Council of Europe that make up the consortium of the Creative Europe WalkEur project met at the headquarters of the AEPJ in Barcelona. The project is lead by the Routes of the Emperor Charles V, and has as international partners the European Association for the preservation and enhancement of the Jewish Heritage (Luxembourg), the European Ceramic Route Association (Italy), and ATRIUM-Architecture of the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century (Italy), all of them Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

During these training days, the theme of Cultural Management was discussed from the point of view of the challenges faced by the institutions that work with this type of routes and the solutions that can be found through innovation in this sector.


3rd Izmir Sephardic Culture Festival: 28th November – 6th December

Izmir Sephardic Culture Festival is organized for the third time this year, with the contributions of Konak Municipality, to bring together the contributions of the Sephardic community, who has lived in Izmir since the 16th century, to the city and its culture, with unique events.

Sephardic Jews, who had to leave the Iberian Peninsula in the 15th century, embraced the cultural elements of the Muslim and Christian societies with which they shared life in Izmir, where different cultures and beliefs have lived side by side for thousands of years. As a result of this, a “Sephardic Culture”, which is perhaps unique in the world and unique only to Izmir, has emerged with its music, cuisine, traditions and reflections on art.

In addition to the boyoz and dwarf, which are almost identified with İzmir, historical synagogues with different architectures, Ladino folk songs and many other values have taken their place in the cultural treasure of the city.


Mi Dor Le Dor Italy stages in Ferrara

For the AEPJ team and its members, a week with a quite full agenda is coming to its conclusion. The days have been passing so quickly that we haven’t had the chance to tell you about a meeting that has been really important for us and that deserves to be shared with you.

Last weekend, on Sunday, we finally had the chance to meet in person the participants of the Mi Dor Le Dor Italy project.

For those of you who may have missed the nature of this project, Mi Dor Le Dor Italy serves as a platform for in-depth study and conversations with experts and practitioners about national and local Jewish heritage and how to transmit them.

It was in this intense context of learning in the field that Federica Pastoret, project manager of the European Routes of Jewish Heritage was able to join the MDLDI group in Ferrara to experience firsthand a moment of this exceptional training that the project is offering.


François Moyse at the colloquium on Moroccan-Jewish culture at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg

Last 3rd of November, François Moyse, president of the Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish and European Culture and Heritage, participated as a speaker at the colloquium on Moroccan-Jewish culture held at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, where he spoke about the missions of the AEPJ and its actions to promote initiatives that foster a better knowledge of European history and awareness of cultural diversity. The colloquim highlighted the dimension of “Living Together” and the intercultural dialogue: the model of Judeo-Moroccan culture.

It was organised at the initiative of the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe (EPA) in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Kingdom of Morocco in Strasbourg.


Dilwar Hussain: a very special guest at the AEPJ office

This week we had the great pleasure to welcome Dilwar Hussain (Coventry University), external evaluator of the NOA project, to our offices. During these days with Dilwar we have evaluated and analyzed the development of the European Days of Jewish Culture 2021, with the central theme of dialogue. Dilwar also participated in a couple of activities organized in Barcelona in this framework. The first was a round table discussion between young Muslims and Jews in the city of Barcelona, organized by the Salam Shalom Association. It was very interesting, and certainly special, since one of the speakers was Federico Szarfer, project manager of the European Days of Jewish Culture. On the second day we had the opportunity to visit with Dilwar different Jewish heritage projects in the city, including the archival research project on Jewish documentation in the Cathedral of Barcelona.


NOA Partners Meeting in Brussels

The NOA (Network Overcoming Antisemitism) project had its first in-person meeting on the 27th and 28th October since the pandemic began. The two day-long meeting allowed partners to review and discuss the first research findings and to plan ahead more in-person activities. Representatives from the 6 networks that work in the project met at the CEJI‘s and B’nai B’rith Europe offices in Brussels. In addition to AEPJ and the aforementioned institutions, the other partners of the NOA project are the European Union of Jewish Students, the European Union for Progressive Judaism and the World Jewish Congress.

The NOA Project, offers a pioneering approach to tackle the problem of rising antisemitism in Europe. With its unique partnership of major Jewish networks, it will evaluate EU Member States’ policies across areas, from education to culture and security, and help them to develop holistic national action plans to address and prevent antisemitism.


Presentation of the National Library of Israel at the WalkEUR Project in Italy

Our partnership with the National Library of Israel has meant growth in every way in the development of the European Days of Jewish Culture. Caron Sethill and his team from the Gesher L’Europa program at the National Library of Israel are a constant source of inspiration. Their educational approach to archival work for heritage practitioners has facilitated the creation of a unique bridge to the general public, in the transmission of Jewish heritage.

We are very proud to report that in the framework of the European project WalkEUR, part of the Creative Europe program, the National Library of Israel has been selected as a good practice in the field of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.

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